At Tusk we like to work with other people to produce one of a kind objects and experiences. 



Potshop is an ongoing collaboration with local arts writer Kate Sierzputowski where we asked 30 artists/designers to turn Tusk into an artist made headshop.  The project launched in July 2015 and also has existed in forms of pop-ups at the MCA Chicago and alongside the Chicago Reader. 

ltd wear shirt stamp.jpg

Ltd Wear

Ltd. Wear was a project released July 16 2016 in collaboration with LVL3 gallery in Chicago.  20 different artists were given a denim button down shirt and a khaki baseball cap. Artists were asked to "reinterpret the basic" and encouraged to alter/paint/etc their set. The sets were then displayed in LVL3 gallery for retail sale.  Sets are still available for sale at LVL3 and at Tusk.


Object Puzzles

Object Puzzles is an upcoming group exhibition /retail project featuring 20 different small objects by 20 different artists and their cardboard jigsaw puzzle counterpart. The puzzles and the objects will sold as individual sets. The event will be December 18 2016 at Tusk from 12-6.